Why we do not use a shopping cart system

We have decided not to have a shopping cart system in place, so we will handle orders via email.   The basis for this decision is that you will have to send us your photos or artwork  with your personalization instructions by email (or mail) anyway.  Furthermore, we encourage that you send us the images even before you order...so after an exchange of emails, we will already know what you are looking to buy.   So what is the point of a shopping cart system?  Also, it will be frustrating for a buyer to use the shopping cart to checkout and pay for the items, then find out later that the images they are sending can not be used.
Finally, a shopping cart system will only be an additional operating expense; instead, we would rather pass the savings on to you.  This is how we can afford to sell our products at these low prices!

You may pay in cash or check or money order if that is the method you prefer. 
If you wish to submit a digital photograph for reproduction, we recommend a resolution of about 300 dpi for most of our products.  We might be able to get away with smaller resolutions on smaller items like bookmarks and key tags; however, for large items like tiles or anything 8 inches long (or wide) will need a resolution of about 600 to 900 dpi.  Whatever is the case, we will let you know before we print the product if the picture you sent will turn out nice (or grainy with pixels showing).  We can give you a mock up copy of the image if you request for it. 

Turnaround Time
Depending on the availability of our blanks, some items can be delivered immediately and some may take up to 20 business days or longer for delivery.  Please do not hesitate to ask for an ETA (estimated time of arrival) when you make your order.   Another factor affecting the turnaround time is the size of your order.    Since we do not use mass production equipment, any order in the quantity of 50 or more pieces for most of our products is considered a large order.  For ceramics, glass and stone products like coffee mugs and all kinds of tiles, an order of 25 or more pieces is considered a large order.  Please inquire about the turnaround time if you are planning large orders.

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WHY    Customized Candy Bars
Customized candy bars with your very own wrapper can be useful in numerous situations. For example, a candy bar with your own personal wrapper on it can be used for:

Fundraising:  raise money for your church, sports team, favorite non-profit or other cause you want to support
Shower gifts, party or wedding favors: Candy bars can be personalized with sayings about the bride and groom or even with pictures. The candy can be on the table as favors or handed out in goody bags when guests leave. This is also great for children’s parties

Company publicity: Place a table full of customized candy bars on the desk in your office or the reception desk. People will appreciate the yummy treat and you can advertise your business on the wrapper. You can even put a coupon on the wrapper for a discount off of services

Contests: You can personalize a candy wrapper by creating a secret symbol or code on select pieces of candy. The people who buy the candy with the secret symbol can win a prize. This can be a fun party game or a good fund raising alternative to a raffle.